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Mathematics is more than just numbers; it is a subject vital to the understanding and functioning of our modern day world.

The study of mathematics provides the language and means to understand symbolic and quantitative aspects of the world. Studying mathematics fosters in-depth logic and reasoning, which will enable you to analyse the world through models and formulas.

If you study applied mathematics, your focus will be on analysing and modelling predicaments in the financial, science and engineering sector- for example, global warming. You will become experienced in a range of modelling processes, including molecular dynamics, epidemiology, cell growth, geothermal, neuroscience, celestial mechanics and evolutionary trees.

Mathematics can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science, or a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences in Applied Mathematics. Universities offer many varieties of mathematics therefore, it is best to shop around before you decide which degree will best suit your purposes. It compliments a wide range of degrees from science to the humanities. 

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