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There is more than meets the eye to a milk carton, a rubber band, or a thread of cloth.

Materials play a vital role in new technological developments. Many materials have been used by humankind for centuries, however, advanced materials are much more recent discoveries. The study of Materials is concerned with the science and engineering of materials and involves Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Engineering.

The importance of Materials should not be underestimated. By studying the molecular level of a material, we can predict how it will interact with different elements in the environment, making it safe for consumers. 

Materials must be trialled and tested numerous times in order for it to be given the get-go as a product on the market. Materials must not only be ‘sturdy’, but also endure high temperatures, titanium alloys, lamination, and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Materials (and processing) can be studied as a specialisation under a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Science. The degree produces graduates who are well sought after on the job market, as graduates possess skills essential to much of the export industry.