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Massage is becoming increasingly recognised for its therapeutic benefits. It aids in blood circulation and can enhance tissue healing. For this reason, Massage Therapy is growing in areas such as Sports Massage.

Massage Therapy at tertiary level involves a lot of hands-on learning. In fact, a large part of your studies and assessment will be based on practical application of the techniques that you lave learned.

However, you will also learn how to communicate and consult with clients professionally. Communication is very important to your success as a Massage Therapist – you need to be able to determine which areas are causing concern before you can determine a plan for treatment. 

You will learn about the muscular groups of the human body and the practices used in Massage Therapy. These include: applying fixed or moving pressure, holding and causing movement of the body.

Topics you may cover

  • Anatomy, Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Clinical application of massage techniques
  • Health and safety procedures
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