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Massage Therapy involves a lot more than just relaxation. Massage is becoming increasing recognised by the medical profession for its therapeutic and healing benefits.
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy involves learning the handling techniques that encourage tender body tissues to return to a normalised state. There are many different techniques and applications of therapeutic massage and you will be trained to identify which will be most suited to your client’s problem.

Massage Therapists are found in salons and spas, as well as in the sports industry to treat injury. No matter which area of Massage Therapy you are interest in, it is important that you learn the skills and techniques required to be professional and helpful. This means that you will learn the theory and practices associated with Massage Therapy, as well as learning how to interact with clients in a professional and respectful manner.

Message Therapy can be taken as a standalone course, or studied under a degree in health sciences, majoring in Massage Therapy. The industry in New Zealand is new and growing, which means there are mounting opportunities to get on board in the industry here and overseas. 

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As a busy mum, Chloe Jackson needed to find a career that fitted around her lifestyle.  Southern Institute of Technology’s Bachelor... read more »