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Knowledge in Marketing provides a better understanding of how goods and services flow from suppliers of goods and services to consumers in a way that effectively matches supply and demand. It also aims to achieve the economic, legal, technological, political, environmental and social objectives of society.

Studying Marketing at a tertiary level opens the door to a varied range of opportunities.  The skills and activities involved in the art of marketing includes research, strategic planning, product development and management, pricing, distribution, consumer behaviour and advertising and promotions - each of which can potentially be applied globally. Markets are different across the globe but the practice of marketing is universal and applicable to a job in any part of the world. Whatever your career path, be it with a multi-national, working in a non-profit organisation or self-employment, marketing skills and knowledge are necessary.

Marketing Graduates are pursued all over the world in business and government. They can be found in all levels of organisations, from hi-tech industries producing highly innovative goods and services, through to retail and hospitality. 


Topics you may cover include

  • Consumer behaviour: As a general consumer you will already have an idea on some aspects of consumer behaviour. Courses of this nature will help students obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform detailed consumer analyses with particular emphasis on the role of sales and negotiation within a buyer behaviour context.
  • Product and brand management: As a student you would study the theories behind product management, how to apply these to new product development, branding and the role of the product manager.
  • International and export marketing: Applying general marketing concepts to the International Markets arena and forming and understanding of the major issues and decisions that NZ Companies are faced with when marketing their goods and services abroad.  


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