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Do you wish you could dedicate your life to the worthy cause of finding Nemo? Maritime Studies presents a broad range of options for you to explore.
Maritime Studies

Maritime Studies encompasses a wide range of subjects. If you want to get into the fishing, marine tourism, and marine transport industries, Maritime Studies is the way to go. New Zealand’s Maritime Studies courses are world renown. They attract thousands of international students each year who wish to complete a course in a country that boasts such a beautiful and unique maritime setting.

Maritime Studies is a hands-on degree, which balances theoretical and practical learning. A significant portion of learning will be done outside the classroom, studying naval architecture, and marine and offshore engineering. There are a range of ways to study Maritime Studies, including through a specialisation under a Bachelor of Engineering.

Some institutions in New Zealand are lucky enough to have partnerships with Maritime Studies institutions overseas, therefore students can transfer to Australia for their third and fourth years of study. 

Medium_matthew_ashworth_harbour_pilot__2_ Matthew Ashworth
Harbour Pilot

Harbour pilot Matthew Ashworth is an expert in the nautical conditions at Port Otago, where he guides large ships in and out of Dunedin’s... read more »

Medium_mt233014 Kathy Kerr
Deckhand (Commercial Inshore Vessel)

"I get to see things that people in cities don't see. I'm out there on the water when the dawn's breaking and the sun's... read more »

Medium_caleb_mason_deckhand Caleb Mason

Caleb Mason remembers the exact moment he decided to become a commercial fisherman. "I was 15 years old and I saw a story about deep-sea... read more »