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Marine Science is an extremely broad subject and for this reason it is a good subject to take if you know that you are interested in a future in the field, but are not sure in which specific area.
Marine Science

The Marine Science subject incorporates a number of different science disciplines including marine biology, oceanography, marine geology and ocean engineering. With a Marine Science major you will look at how the physical, geochemical and biological processes in the ocean all interconnect. 

Medium_joanne_o_callaghan_oceanographer__1_ Joanne O'Callaghan
Coastal Oceanographer

From the moment Joanne O'Callaghan jumped aboard her brothers' dinghy at the age of 10, she was captivated. "I just loved sailing... read more »

Medium_mike_williams_oceanographer__3_ Mike Williams

Measuring the thickness of sea ice in temperatures around 45 degrees below zero may not sound like fun – but it all depends on where you... read more »

Medium_drew_lohrer_marine_biologist Drew Lohrer
Marine Ecologist

As a boy, Drew Lohrer used to accompany his mother to her work as a volunteer at the oceanographic society. "She would lead groups to study... read more »