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Marine Engineering » Overview

Are you interested in the ocean? Like to know how things work? Marine engineering could be just for you.
Marine Engineering

Marine Engineers are professional engineers who provide the Float and Move functions for ships and boats. The discipline is not as easily categorised as other types of engineering. Marine Engineering comprises of parts of numerous engineering disciplines directed to the development of systems on transport, warfare, exploration and natural resource extraction.

Throughout your degree, you will be introduced to various elements of the marine industry and after the first year will be offered a choice on what you want to specialise in. There are many branches of the industry to choose from, such as, material engineering, computer design, interior and finishing, or systems and machinery.

This degree involves a mix of theoretical and practical learning. Along the way, you will be given industry projects, where you will encounter valuable contacts and be mentored by teachers who have industry experience. Studying Marine Engineering is a highly rewarding career, as you will be learning about the latest industry developments in technology. 

Medium_mt256661 Graig Wray
Marine Engineer

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Medium_darryl_calder_vessel_manager2 Darryl Calder
Vessel Manager

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