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An understanding of marine organisms is especially important in New Zealand, as a large portion of our economic growth and development is resting on the fisheries and aquaculture industry.
Marine Biology

The oceans provide many resources. In fact, the Fisheries and Aquaculture industry is one of the largest in New Zealand. We trade marine life harvested from New Zealand waters both locally and overseas. Marine Biology is the study of all organisms living in salt water – oceans, estuaries and wetlands.

Strictly speaking, Marine Biology studies the organisms themselves. Its emphasis is not on how these organisms interact with each other and their marine environments (this area is known as Marine Ecology). However, Marine Biology courses at university do include some exploration of Marine Ecology. 

Marine Biology qualifications incorporate a mixture of practical and theoretical learning. In order to put your theory into practice, courses include compulsory field trips, which will have you investigating marine life, coastal processes, aquaculture techniques and conservation application.  

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Marine Biologist

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