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Understanding Māori culture, history and life experience, is essential for New Zealand's future to be harmonious and prosperous.
Maori Studies

Māori Studies encompasses many different aspects relating to Māori culture, people and history. It includes studying Māori language, culture, politics and art. Essentially, this major aims to broaden your understanding of the Māori world, or ‘Te Ao Māori’.

While Māori Studies is important in terms of learning about the heritage of Aotearoa, it is also very important when considering the political, social and economic development of New Zealand. The revitalisation of Māori language and culture is important for Māori and New Zealand identity as a whole.

As Māori are the indigenous people of Aotearoa, learning about Māori culture means participating in New Zealand’s cultural heritage. Māori Studies can be taken as a major under a Bachelor of Arts, or studied as a standalone Diploma. If taken through a Bachelor of Arts, the subject can be complimented by a variety of subjects such as, sociology, history, media studies, English and anthropology.