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Maori Language Education » Overview

A degree in Māori Language Education is a great way to combine your Māori Language skills with Māori Development. You will not only be contributing to the continuation of te Reo Māori, but also the future of young, Māori-speaking New Zealanders.
Maori Language Education

Māori Language Education is a specialisation within the field of teaching. Once you have completed a Māori Language Education specialisation you will be qualified to register as a teacher in Māori medium and bilingual schools, as well as in mainstream primary and intermediate schools. You will learn the skills and knowledge required to be a successful teacher. However, your learning will be delivered in Te Reo Māori.

Under the Government’s obligations to the treaty of Waitangi, Te Reo Māori is a Taonga or Treasure. The revitalisation of Māori language is important for Māori and New Zealand identity as a whole.

As Te Reo Māori is the indigenous language of Aotearoa, making the effort to learn it means acknowledging and participating in New Zealand’s cultural heritage. Because Te Reo Māori is a fading language, many institutions offer preliminary courses in the hope of reviving the diminishing language.