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Taking Māori Business at university is a good way to gain an understanding on how business relationships between Māori and non-Māori businesses can be improved.
Maori Business

The Māori Business major is designed to give Māori and non-Māori an insight into the role of Māori in business environments. It looks at Māori business and organisations and how they differ from mainstream business. Essentially, you will learn how Māori culture and beliefs influence the Māori business philosophy, affecting the way Māori do business.

Māori business is on the rise and this has seen it becoming a key contributor to the New Zealand marketplace. Māori business can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Commerce and is a valuable contribution for any student who wants to make their degree stand out from the crowd. Graduates with this major are well sought after in many different industries, such as the government sector or private sector.  

Many are turned off Māori business, as they are worried they can’t speak the language, however there is no prior expectation that you will have any knowledge on Māori language or culture. Studying this subject is not only an import part of being a New Zealander, but opens doors for many career opportunities.