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The importance of managing people and of management processes generally means that the study of management is relevant to most if not all students. Management study is of central importance for all those who wish to contribute and succeed in the business or organisation world and also supports other specialist responsibilities. For example a school principal is a teacher and a manager and a head chef is both a chef and a manager – both managing people and processes to ensure organisations are run efficiently.  Management is relevant to a wide range of areas, and is an excellent subject to combine with others in a double degree or major.

The problem-solving and analytic skills you'll acquire throughout management study will prepare you for an exciting and successful career - wherever you choose.

Topics you may cover

  • General Management and organisation strategy: including managing and designing organisations, strategy making, and organisational culture and understanding theoretical approaches to studying organisations.
  • International and cross cultural management: understanding the general features of the international management environment, including social, political, economic and technological contexts which will help organisations become better informed and equipped to manage internationally.
  • Human resources and employment relations: management of human resources in organisations, focusing on the practicalities of organising and working with people and the appropriateness and effectiveness of techniques used in organisations.Organisational behaviour: becoming familiar with the different elements of human behaviour in organisations and how to work with and manage people in different organisational environments.
  • Strategic Management: understanding classic theories in strategic management and applying these to common and complex business problems. 


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