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Do not underestimate the value of study in Management! Wherever you think you may end up and whatever your interests are, the skills gained by studying Management will help you prosper in any industry and in any role.

Whether you are looking to work in jobs of responsibility in manufacturing, commerce, retail, healthcare, education, government, legal, nonprofit or science organisations, you will require managerial skills. Management is equally relevant to people who are self-employment, or working in small business, national businesses, government organisations and multinational companies. Management is everywhere and used by most on a daily basis.

The study of management is a human activity that involves insights into both people skills and analytical skills. Some areas that the study examines are management policies and practices, management theory, communication processes, theories of leadership, employment relations and the dynamics of organisational behaviour. 

Medium_flying_m Luke Percasky
Branch Manager

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Medium_dsc_3130 Simon
Head of Finance Change and Stress Testing

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Medium_amy_headshot Amy Bonham
People and Capability Graduate

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