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Well-applied makeup has the power to enhance and transform the way you look. It is an art form used to enhance a person’s natural beauty and many argue it inspires confidence in women and men across the globe.
Makeup Artistry

Makeup Artistry looks at all aspects of professional makeup application. It is a very broad subject and can lead to work in many different areas. For example, you may find yourself working in a salon or spa, or you may be more interested in special effects makeup used in film and television. Regardless of the area you want to get into, you will learn the core fundamentals of Makeup Artistry, as well as how to conduct yourself in professional settings. 

The subject will teach you how to recognise a person’s natural features, and learn how to make them pop. It’s not just as simple as painting on products, but recognising how different lighting will bring out different colours and cast different shadows on a person’s face.

Qualifications range from certificates to diplomas, and will prepare you for different aspects of the make-up industry. For example, you may start with learning basic fashion makeup, progress to professional make-up artistry, and then onto special effects makeup design.