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Logic and Computation » Overview

Did you know that the way a computer works is similar to the way the human mind processes thought and language?

Logic and Computation links human problem-solving abilities to computer programming. It looks at symbolic forms of thought, words and human rationality and how these are utilised in computer software. This involves forming and modelling real-world problems, looking at human problem-solving processes and using this information to analyse these problems on a computer.

Logic and Computation is constructed to appeal to both Bachelor of Arts and Science students. The nature of it is grounded in both linguistic philosophy, maths, and computer science. Both which mix creativity with logic practices. At the Bachelor of Arts level, logic and computation, teaches you about the symbolic representations of information systems, and how this relates to human language formation.

Studying Logic and Computation is a highly captivating subject as the discipline is constantly changing. There is also room in the marketplace for practical and creative individuals to come on board and to invent new avenues of artificial intelligence, to extend the reach of human capability.