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Learn about the origins of many of the words and phrases that we use today. Did you know that 'e' is the most used letter of the English alphabet, and 'q' is the least used?

Language is central to the human experience and used in our everyday lives. Many argue that it is the human brain’s capacity to construct and interpret language, which differentiates us from other species.

Though it is integral to human communication, how much do we really understand about how language works? Linguistics, is the scientific study of language and addresses all the questions we have about its structure, development and use. 

Studying linguistics, you will learn about semiotics, which involves analysing the ways meanings are given to objects in order for the whole society to be able to interpret things the same way. You will not only be studying the English language, but will also analyse the different ways language is constructed across cultures.

Linguistics also looks at the way language has changed across time, highlighting its constructed nature. The subject is highly interdisciplinary, therefore, you will be able to dip your fingers into many different schools of thought, such as philosophy, psychology and sociology.