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Latin American Studies » Overview

Latin American Studies is an interesting and relevant subject to the workforce as trade between New Zealand and South America is on the rise.
Latin American Studies

New Zealand’s ties with Latin America have strengthened a great deal over the past ten years, owing to the fact that Latin America accounts for an increasing proportion of global trade. Consequently, understanding Spanish heritage and culture is becoming increasingly important if you want an edge in the competitive global job market. Latin American studies looks at the history, culture, traditions, people and language of Latin American countries.

Latin American Studies can be studied under a Bachelor of Arts and compliments other arts subjects such as history, English, sociology, media and anthropology. Topics you will cover include colonisation, globalisation and development, music, politics and social change, and Latin American histories through film.

You may also wish to take Spanish language papers under a Latin American Studies minor, which will increase your understanding of the subject significantly. Many employers are on the lookout for graduates who can demonstrate cultural competency in this globalised world, therefore, a degree in Latin American Studies puts you a cut above the rest.