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Want to learn to speak like a Roman Emperor? Learn Latin.

As a language, Latin is significant in terms of its historical and linguistic influence. Many modern languages have evolved from Latin such as, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. In fact, many English words also originate from Latin. As you may realise, many of our words, stem from a Latin root word.

Although Latin is said to be a ‘dying language’, and is rarely spoken, it still holds historical significance because of its widespread influence on language. Scientists such as zoologists and botanists, still use Latin to name and define new species of plants and animals.

Although it is no longer widely spoken, it is still widely studied and is useful to study if you have an interest in other European Romance languages such as Italian, Spanish and French.

Learning a language such as Latin is said to have numerous benefits, including, increasing memory capacity, improving grammar, and promoting brain growth.