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Landscape Architecture » Overview

Love design as much as you love the outdoors? Landscape Architecture offers the best of both worlds.
Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is concerned with the design of both the land and the spaces that we occupy. This specialisation is gaining in popularity as global concern for the environment increases. Landscape Architecture looks at the sustainability of cities and the ways in which the urban life experience can be improved. 

Landscape Architecture combines technology, art, science and design with the goal of being able to assist on any environmental design project. There are a number of settings you will learn to design for, including, transportation infrastructure, urban design, coastal estuarine, in-land ecologies and community spaces. The degree incorporates a mixture of practical and theoretical learning, which involves collaborations between students and established designers.

The discipline can be studied through a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, which is a world-renowned degree that offers internships and job placements. Studying this degree will open doors to a creative and rewarding career here and overseas.