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If you like the idea of investigating stories and communicating people's experiences to others, you may find a career in Journalism rewarding.

Journalism involves investigating and reporting about current events in a variety of avenues including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet -the key terms here are ‘investigate’ and ‘report’. You will learn how to interview people and explore stories, as well as learning how to write, format, and edit your stories.

You will also learn about the ethical issues involved in journalism. With the rise of new media technologies that allow for invasive forms of information gathering, it is important to know where to draw the line. With scandals of phone tapping, hacking, and data leaks being areas of recent concern, journalistic practices are under the spot light.

Journalism courses are structured to imitate the real world of journalism with an emphasis placed on the importance of churning out news stories as quickly and accurately as possible. You will learn how to write for a variety of news mediums including print, online, broadcast, and social media. This will foster valuable skills in multi-platform integration, teamwork, writing, attention to detail and deadline management.

Many Journalism qualifications also incorporate internships into their degrees, so you will have industry experience by the time you are ready to enter the working world. 

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