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Did you know that the land mass of Japan is quite similar to that of New Zealand? However, Japan's population is roughly 26 times the population of New Zealand!

Ties between New Zealand and Japan are very strong. In fact, Japan is our second largest trading partner. Being able to speak the language will give you an edge, as well as opening the door to working overseas. Not only is Japan one of the world’s largest economies, it also has a rich culture steeped in tradition.

Studying Japanese at university involves learning how to communicate from beginners to advanced levels. You will also explore Japan’s historical background and the political, economic and social factors that make up its fascinating culture. You will also get to learn about Japanese pop culture such as Japanese literature, film and music videos.

Japanese can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Arts or as a standalone degree at postgraduate level, (after you have completed your undergraduate degree). Studying this subject will open your doors to many opportunities here and overseas.