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For such a small country, Italy has had a profound impact on the world. For example, I challenge you to find someone who has never eaten some form of Italian food!

Italy may be a relatively small country, but its historical significance is anything but. This subject includes studying Italian culture, from examining ancient Roman civilisation, to analysing the Italian film movement and more recently, the events such as the shift from fascism to democracy. You will also study the Italian language and by the end, be fluent in reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

Like everything, your knowledge will be built from the ground upward. Don’t worry about being thrown in the deep end and shipped off to Italy after the first semester; your first year will focus on the basic principles of Italian grammar, speaking and reading.  Once you have learned to hold a basic conversation, you will be ready to extend your knowledge in your subsequent years.

Italian is studied as a major under a Bachelor of Arts and can be taken as a standalone degree at postgraduate level once you have finished undergraduate.  Learning to be bilingual not only opens your mind, but doors to career opportunities.