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International Relations » Overview

A major in International Relations will appeal to those of you who are interested in the relationships between countries and regions. This field is becoming increasingly important with advancing levels of globalisation.
International Relations

The subject of International Relations looks at the relationships between countries, often in terms of their foreign policy. International Relations is both a public policy field and an academic field. This means, that it is concerned with analysing as well as forming public policy. 

With New Zealand being an ever-growing multicultural society, the skills International Relations will grant you, are worth a lot of weight in the job market. For example, many institutions focus on ‘intercultural competence’. Intercultural competence places importance on the significance of having cross-cultural knowledge and understanding. This means, you will be encouraged to immerse yourself in other cultures outside of your own, through field trips, overseas exchanges and web based social media platforms.

This subject can be studied under a Bachelor of Arts and opens many doors for career options. It is helpful if you’re looking for a career as a social researcher, social scientist or policy analyst. If you are successful in your studies, it could lead onto a career in a government branch or an NGO such as Amnesty International. 

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