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International Business » Overview

International Business has grown exponentially in the past few decades giving meaning to the term ‘globalisation’.
International Business

International Business deals with firms that do not limit their business activities within one country. This subject is much more complex than domestic business studies because the international business climate is more complex – there are different currencies, time-zones, regulations, markets and cultures. In addition, an international business is often very large and with this comes the added difficulty of dealing with problems and making decisions across different locations.

There are numerous challenges facing the business world today, including problem solving ways to manage international companies deal with cross-cultural differences, and manage the pressures of globalisation.

International Business is a vital part of New Zealand’s economy. With economic policies that are increasingly opening the country up to foreign trading, knowledge in international business is paramount. International Business will give you a sound understanding in different trade agreements around the world, and how they affect the national economy and its people.

A degree in international business will not only open your eyes to the way the world works, but open up your horizons for jobs in the business sector here and overseas. 

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