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Information Technology » Overview

You are currently using the largest information system in the world - the internet. Information Technology is a fast-paced area of technology that is under constant development.
Information Technology

Information Technology is concerned with the technologies used to collect, process, store and distribute information, whether that information is vocal, pictorial, textural, or numerical.  Integral to this technology is the use of computer software and hardware. 

Studying Information Technology involves learning about the different systems which are essential to the organization of information in computers and communication systems. In this specialisation, you will learn the techniques involved in operating the equipment that is involved in the storage, processing and transfer of information.

You will learn how to program Java databases, learn to navigate Javascript, JSP and PHP. Overall, you will learn skills that are practical for the real world and sought after by employers. The IT industry is constantly changing and because of this, working in IT means working in a profession that will never bore you. 


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Information Services Graduate

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Information Technology Student

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Technology Apprentice

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