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Information Management » Overview

This is a subject that is vital to many of the operations that are essential to contemporary life.
Information Management

Information Management works to integrate Information Technologies and Management. It is concerned with data storage and retrieval, and the ways internet technologies work to improve the functions of data management.

The main purpose of Information Management is to build a connection between information technologies and business management. Studying Information Management will equip you with the relevant skills to develop and make use of ever changing information and communication technologies. Studying this will equip you with the knowledge to deal with organising data, learn about various web and mobile platforms, and recognisee how these can be integrated into business.

Studying Information Management involves learning practical and theoretical techniques to apply to the complexities of evaluating and distributing information for a business. You will study a wide range of topics such as digital media production, electronic commerce, data mining and various other business productivity tools.

This is an industry that is constantly changing and because of this, companies are continually on the lookout for innovative new graduates to work in the field.


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Information Services Graduate

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Information Services Graduate

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Channel Programmes Facilitator

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