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Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations looks at managing all aspects of employment relations. This includes areas such as employee recruitment and selection, international employment relations, salaries and wages. These are skills that can be applied to any business, globally.

A successful Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations professional are a strategic part of any organisation because they deal with putting the right people in the right roles and keeping them happy.

You will learn how to manage and foster positive, workplace relationships. You will also learn how to deal with and rectify the issues involved with mismanaged and negligent employment relations.

Topics you may cover

  • Understanding core areas of business and how these different disciplines interact and impact on each other
  • The effect of Globalisation on business
  • How to manage business relationships – salary, flexible working hours, mentoring, career goals
  • Examining the relationships between employees, employers, government and trade unions
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
  • The ethical and social responsibilities of business
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