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Human Resources and Industrial Relations » Overview

It is commonly understood that the people within a business largely determine its success. Learn the valuable skill of building and maintaining a happy and productive workforce.
Human Resources and Industrial Relations

The way we work, has changed dramatically over the past few decades. People used to remain with one company for their entire working life. Now, organisations have to fight to keep employees for longer than two years. This phenomenon becomes especially relevant as we discover that people are an integral part of making any business successful. Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, aim to understand how people behave at work, how to retain employees and how to attract the best potential employees.

Studying Human Resources means you will be a people person and understand what makes people tick. You will learn all about people and work place relations, and be equipped for hiring and managing people in a workplace. You will learn how to manage every aspect of employment relations from recruitment, to salary to workplace disputes. The great thing about this degree, is that your skills are transferrable to any business in the world, which makes you a valuable and stand out graduate. 

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Marketing Executive

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Human Resources Co-ordinator

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HR Consultant

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