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Although history deals with people and events of the past, it has a significant impact on contemporary life.

History is a problem solving discipline, which requires a combination of rigour, determination and creativity. Historical study is all about people and seeks to understand the whys and wherefores of the past, in order to shed light on its mysteries.

It is a subject that offers numerous areas of specialisation, and one that generates passion and commitment. By being introduced to cultures distant from our own in time and space, historical study broadens our general cultural knowledge, reminds us that our own cultural values are historically constructed, and teaches us about the development of human societies. History teaches us about the past so we can appreciate the journey to the present. It also teaches us to learn from past mistakes, so they will not be repeated in the future.

Employers are fond of History majors, as they come equipped with sound cultural-competency and analytical skills. History, which can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Arts, also shows employers that you have fine-tuned the craft of writing, which many graduates lack.