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The Health Sciences subject is multidisciplinary – it combines aspects of Medical and Health Sciences, Law, Arts, Commerce and Science. Using these different disciplines to study health and healthcare services in New Zealand gives you a comprehensive understanding of the subject. You will learn about how biological, social and behavioural bases of ill health have influenced western medical systems.

Topics you may cover

  • Population health
  • Socio-economic issues
  • Behavioural issues
  • Governments’ role in setting health policy
  • How health systems function
  • Biological/genetic factors contributing to ill health
  •  Social factors contributing to ill health
  • Healthcare ethics
  • Maori and Pacific health
  • Human biology

Some universities offer students the chance to specialise the Health Sciences degree in one of several areas. This allows you to prepare for roles in fields you are especially interested in. for example, applied mental health, or health promotion. Other universities offer a comprehensive degree with no major/specialisation.