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Have you ever wondered about the myths of ancient Greece and Greek culture?

Like Latin, Greek is one of the classical literary languages. The Greeks are responsible for many academic disciplines such as history, physics, philosophy and theoretical mathematics. However, ancient Greece also gave us many classical literary texts. Some of the world’s most famous literary works were originally written in Greek such as, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey as well as the New Testament of the bible. In this subject, you will learn the language of ancient Greece and use this knowledge to analyse literature.

Learning a language such as Greek is said to have numerous benefits, including increasing memory capacity, improving grammar, and promoting brain growth.

Greek can be studied as a subject under a Bachelor of Arts or as a standalone degree at postgraduate level. It compliments various other arts subjects such as English, history, classics and anthropology.

Studying a language demonstrates intercultural competency, which is sought after by employers. Studying a Language shows strong analytical skills, which are vital for today’s workforce.