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German is the first-language of more than 90 Million people worldwide.

Germany has a rich intellectual, literary and cultural background. German culture has contributed significantly to Western science, engineering, philosophy, theology, music and art. As a result, the study of German can allow you access to a deeper understanding of many other disciplines. German includes studying the language from beginners to advanced levels, as well as studying German literature, film and cultural history. 

Learning a second language such as German is said to have numerous benefits, including, increasing memory capacity, improving grammar, and promoting brain growth.

With the world experiencing increasing levels of globalisation, graduates with a second language under their belt are valuable to employers. Not only has German culture and science had a significant influence on the Western world, but Germany is the second largest exporter in the world. This means speaking German is not only valuable from a cultural perspective, but in terms of creating stronger economic ties.

German can be studied as a subject under a Bachelor of Arts and compliments subjects such as, history, politics, linguistics and economics.