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Knowledge in geography enables students to take an educated and analytical view of our changing world and of their place in it. The key focus in geography is on the interactions between societies and their environments and the ways in which these can be made more sustainable for the future. This puts geography at the centre of many important topical debates. For example, geographers are able to view and investigate the issue of climate change in its totality by looking at both the physical factors that affect the problem and also the human responses to the challenges revealed.

Topics you may cover

  • Physical geography: studying the earth’s environmental systems looking at energy, landforms, vegetation and water.
  • Human geography: looking into concepts such as population, resource and economic development and cultural and human behavioural issues.
  • Urban geography: focusing on the urbanisation process and how cities form a base of the urban system, how social relations shape the pattern of land use and where people live and the impact of equity and power in the urban environment. 
Medium_kate Kate McCaw
Geography Student

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