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Geographic Information Systems » Overview

Interested in the Technology behind Google Earth? Choose a subject that can be applied to almost any industry you can think of and study Geographic Information Systems.
Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map out the positions of places and objects in relation to each other. At any given point in time, every object has a location that can be measured in one, two or three dimensions. For example, the corner boundaries of the land that you live on have coordinates that enable the property to be pinpointed. The linking of land or objects with their coordinates creates what is known as spatial information. The discipline of GIS aims to discover how spatial information is collected, integrated, modelled and presented. 

As Geographic Information Systems is a specific degree, only select Universities in New Zealand offer it. The discipline can be studied as a subject under a Bachelor of Applied Science. This degree is often a partnership between the school of Surveying and the department of Information Science. Subjects you will learn include spatial databases, remote sensing, GIS programming and geographic visualisation. Study this degree and become equipped to enter into an exciting and ever changing industry.