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Genetics make us who we are. Have you ever wondered why you have a certain hair or eye colour? This is your go-to subject to find out more about yourself and why the human species is so diverse.

Genetics is the area of biology that deals with genes, heredity and variation in living organisms. In basic terms, it is the science of gene structure, function and inheritance. Genetics is concerned with the molecular basis of life on earth, as well as the study of organisms, populations and evolution.

Studying Genetics is highly rewarding because human knowledge of how genes are passed down are constantly changing. This means studying the subject never gets boring, as there is always old knowledge to challenge and new knowledge to explore and learn.  In terms of careers after study, graduates are well sought after and there is a shortage in the market.

Genetics can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Science, but other degrees, such as, a Bachelor of Biomedical Science also offer a large amount of Genetic based content. 

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