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Why do we associate blue with boys and pink with girls? Why is masculinity associated with independence and femininity with dependence? Gender Studies examines and challenges the notions of gender that we take for granted in everyday life.
Gender Studies

Gender Studies looks at the way that gender is socially constructed. From a young age, we are taught how to behave gender appropriately. This shapes the types of work that we do, how we dress and speak, our income, our relationships with friends and family, our values and worldviews. It also influences the meanings that we attach to other people and activities.

Gender Studies examines and challenges the way that gender is portrayed in everyday life. It also looks at how perceptions of gender have changed throughout history. It examines Gender cross-culturally, looking at how different definitions of gender in different countries can shed light on its constructed nature.

Gender Studies combines empirical and theoretical understandings of the construction of gender, which encourages you to challenge the taken for granted definitions we use in our western context.