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French is one of the most widely spoken languages. Not only is it the native language of several European countries, but it is also spoken in Canada, Africa and parts of the Pacific.

French is the study of not only the French language, but also French culture, history and literature. French is often considered the language of romance and now more than ever, there is a need to develop international links in education, trade and business.

With French and English at your grasp, the world will be your oyster. As the French language is closely related to English, it is a relevant and manageable language to learn. A degree in this subject can be studied under a Bachelor of Arts by taking French as your major.  Possibilities for this degree are endless, including the potential to take an overseas exchange in order to immerse yourself in the culture and language.  Having an extra language under your belt is a stand out skill for employers. Learning a language shows perseverance, open mindedness, and that you are someone who can think outside the box. Overall, French is a valuable subject to learn, extending your horizons globally.

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