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Forklift Operators are responsible for moving goods in storage and also making sure that the storage area is safe. This means that they are responsible for ensuring that the ground is free of spills and that any stacked items are stable.

Operating a forklift in a warehouse-type environment can be fairly dangerous. Thus, it is essential that you have good driving skills and the ability to judge weights and distances.

Topics you may cover

  • You will learn the theory and practice behind safe driving. You will learn how to drive a forklift vehicle safely and efficiently. This includes learning how to react to dangerous driving conditions and learning how to manage fatigue and work requirements.
  • You will learn the administrative side of forklift operation – writing incident reports, issuing packing slips, etc.
  • You will learn the technical aspects of forklift driving. This includes learning how forklifts operate and maintenance skills. 
Medium_mt230624 Deb Carson
Fork-Lift Operator

"It's just a little one - a Tonka toy - a three tonner," says Deb Carson of her fork-lift. Deb has eight years experience under... read more »