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Forklift Operation » Overview

Want to transport heavy machinery on a day-to-day basis and work in trade?
Forklift Operation

Forklift Operators work in any industry where there is the need to lift and move heavy machinery. As a result, this skill will set you up with career options in a very wide range of areas. It is important to note that there are a limited number of tertiary institutions that offer courses in this area; therefore, many Forklift Operators learn their trade from certified trainers. 

Courses will teach you essential operation techniques, practices of unloading, and health and safety procedures when transporting hazardous material. Many courses will balance theory with practical training. As Forklift Operation is very hands-on, often those recruiting Forklift Operators will look for students who possess physical strength and stamina, as jobs often require transporting heavy items and working long hours.

You will also be taught the importance of learning to communicate effectively. Fork Lift Operators are encouraged to participate in activities that demonstrate relevant communication ability in order to be considered for the job market.  

Medium_mt230624 Deb Carson
Fork-Lift Operator

"It's just a little one - a Tonka toy - a three tonner," says Deb Carson of her fork-lift. Deb has eight years experience under... read more »