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Forensic Analytical Science » Overview

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Find out with Forensic Analytical Science!
Forensic Analytical Science

The discipline of Forensic Analytical Science applies a broad range of scientific knowledge to answer questions of a legal nature. As our scientific expertise grows, so does the complexity and range of information presented to the courts. Forensic Analytical Science is concerned with all areas of the law. In fact, it is becoming increasingly applied in business to ensure compliance with legislation in areas such as marketing, journalism, intellectual property and fraud. 

Forensic Analytical Science can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Applied Science. The subject has its roots in biology and chemistry, but is very interdisciplinary incorporating a wide range of subjects such as, statistical methods, biostatistics, mathematics, clothing and textiles, botany, and law.

As the areas studied are broad, so are the opportunities for graduates in the working world. A graduate who possesses sound analytical and problem solving skills, is a valuable addiction to any team.