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If you are interested in a career in the food industry then this major may be for you. From the field in which it is grown to the fork you eat it off there are a lot more technical elements to food than you would have originally thought.

As a student of Food Science and Nutrition you will analyse food, examine the chemistry of food, food microbiology, sensory evaluation, food packaging and legal issues relating to food. You will also gain skills and knowledge to be able to teach others about the nutritional benefits of different foods, understand different food allergies and advise on solutions and become involved in health policy and the impact on the wider community.

Topics that you may cover

  • Food Quality Attributes: looking at attributes that make food attractive such as colour, flavour, texture and how they alter as they are processed.
  • Food Preservation: principles of freezing and thawing, thermal processing and canning, fermentation and dehydration.
  • Food Product Development: development and evaluation of new products from raw ingredients through understanding physical and chemical properties of materials. 
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