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Food Science and Nutrition » Overview

What better way to know what you are putting into your body and how you can make it more nutritious than studying Food Science and Nutrition?
Food Science and Nutrition

Food Science and Nutrition is the study of the science behind the food we eat and its effect on our quality of life. The science aspect of this subject looks at the structure and composition of foods, food chemistry, food safety and preservation. All of this is central to manufacturing, processing and production in food related industries. The nutritional element of this subject looks at the maintenance of good health and the welfare of populations, taking into consideration environmental, social, economic and cultural factors influencing eating behaviours. 

If you head down the Nutrition pathway, you will be studying ways to prevent nearly half of the world’s non-communicable diseases. Communicable diseases are defined as diseases that cannot be transferred through people. They are sometimes called ‘chronic diseases’ and are often long term and incrementally progressive. The most common of these diseases are cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Understanding the way nutrition can play a preventative role in these diseases is important for fostering a healthier population.

If you choose the food science route, you will be responsible for the development of new food projects, as well as making sure consumer health and safety is at the forefront. As this industry brings in 15 billion dollars of revenue for New Zealand every year, it is a fast paced, exciting field to be a part of. 

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