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Have you ever had food poisoning? If you want to help make sure, at an industry level, that the chances of this happening to others is minimised, enrol in a Food Safety course today!
Food Safety

Food Safety is hugely important and should be a primary concern of any retail outlet in food preparation, or food production. Not only does it protect the people working in those environments, but it also protects those who are consuming the food products. If you would like to learn how potential health risks could be minimised, then check out a Food Safety course. 

Food Safety is especially important in New Zealand, as our economy relies heavily on our agricultural food production exports, such as dairy. Vigorously testing that our products are to a quality standard therefore, is extremely important for the health of individuals and the market.  

The Food Safety discipline covers a wide range of fields including nutrition, food process engineering, and production management. All of which, have Food Safety at the heart of their goals.  

Food Safety can be studied as a standalone course, or be taken as a major under a Bachelor of Science. Careers in Food Safety are vast and you could end up working anywhere from policy development to managing food production chains.