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Food Innovation is an area of Food Science. It includes all aspects of food science – food chemistry, food safety, food quality, sensory science and product development. However, it also incorporates marketing, accounting, innovation and project management into the mix.

In order to remain competitive in the food industry, both nationally and internationally, new products and processes must be constantly developed. 

Topics you may cover

  • Learning Food Innovation at university you will gain an understanding of the science of food, as well as the necessary business skills needed to stay on step ahead in the industry today. This entails learning how scientific knowledge is applied to food through food chemistry, microbiology, food systems and food processing. As well as studying the markets, accounting and finance.
  • You will look at how to research and problem-solve. You will also learn about the creative processes of food product development and the practical application of those processes. You will also look at how food is marketed and how to manage the food innovation process.