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Love everything about food? You can learn to develop new food products, food processes and business models with a degree in Food Innovation.
Food Innovation

The health-conscious public, places a lot of pressure on the food industry to provide food items that are convenient, safe, quality and user-friendly. These pressures are only amplified by the competitive nature of the global market. Food Innovation refers to developing new food products, processes and business models. Food Innovation is taken under a Bachelor of Applied Science. High school students are recommended to take Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics up until year 12- and preferably in year 13.

Getting involved in this industry means being a part of creating new products for the market, for all the world to enjoy. Food innovation is a fascinating subject, as you will study human behaviour and perceptions in relation to food. You will also learn about the business side of the food industry, which will prep you for the working world. Studying this degree is highly rewarding, not only will you graduate as a food scientist, but will be presented with a wide range of opportunities as there is a current skill shortage in the area.