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Floristry courses at tertiary level include all of the knowledge you will need to enter into the world of professional floristry. As you can imagine Floristry courses involve a lot of ‘hands-on’ learning. In fact, you will gain your qualification based on your ability to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of the field to a senior florist.

Floristry does not merely involve flowering plants, you will also learn about the qualities of various foliage plants. You will learn how to maintain and care for these plants, as well as the design principles associated with the field.

In order to be successful, a florist must possess good communication skills in order to be able to determine customer requirements.

Topics you may cover

  • Plant botany and identification
  • Assembly and preparation of floristry products
  • Floristry design
  • Health and safety
  • Flowering and foliage plants
  • Floristry stock and merchandising