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From the Ellerslie Flower show, to a local store catering for those special occasions - care, technique and presentation are critical to the role of a flourist.

Floristry is the term used to describe all aspects of flower care, handling, arranging and display. Floristry courses at tertiary level as designed to leave you with the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to begin a career in the floristry industry. 

Whilst there are not any specific subject requirements to enter most floristry courses (apart from the completion of a certain number of years of high school), institutions recommend coming from a creative background. Studying floristry will help you to hone your creative eye for arranging so you can produce appealing arrangements that are original and eye-catching. Many courses will not only teach you how to manage flowers, but customers and business relations. All of which, are a vital skill set for someone wanting to enter into the industry.

 Not only will you learn about western techniques of arrangement, but also other styles of floral arrangement such as the infamous Japanese Ikebana design. Studying a certificate in floristry can be very rewarding, as you will learn to perfect the art of turning disparate stems into a spectacle of colour, which people gift to loved ones.