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Required: Creative ability, critical intellect and patience.
Fine Arts

Art is a medium used to create an impact. It aims to disrupt people’s everyday perspectives on the world, and to get them thinking about new concepts or world issues. The skills required to achieve in this industry are creative ability, critical intellect and patience.

Fine Arts is the study of theory, skills and creative practice associated with drawing, painting, sculpture, print making and photography. Fine Arts are classified as arts that are created for visual or theoretical purposes, and are usually judged for the concept they portray.

As a Fine Arts student, you will be required to demonstrate your creative talent, as well as prove that you are of the appropriate academic level for the course. Not for the faint hearted – Fine Arts will test your creative rigour, endurance and capacity for self-direction.

Fine Arts degrees are usually four years long. The first year often acts as a rotation period, where you can try out all the different fields of Art the institution has to offer. For example, you may rotate between sculpture, graphic design, digital media or painting. The second year is where you specialise the rest of your degree.

Medium_grace Grace Acheson
Fine Arts Student

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