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Media communicates to the masses - so why not explore the extent of television and films influence on our values, knowledge and perceptions of society?
Film & Television

Film & Television

Film & Television is about exploring all forms of media, focusing on the historical, aesthetic, cultural and social significance of technologies and their interconnections. You will analyse the meaning and role of film, television and media and the ways in which they impact social, cultural and political elements of society. As a student you will also examine to what extent these factors can have an influence not shaping our knowledge, values and desires, as well as our perceptions of society, culture and nationality. 


Courses specific to Filmmaking tend to include a broad range of areas relevant to film and television production such as cinematography, editing, lighting, sound and production management. If you’ve always wanted to write, shoot or direct your own movies, this could be the area of study for you. Studying Filmmaking courses you will learn how to work in a team toward the creation of professional-standard work.


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